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Georgetown’s neighbourhood full-service pharmacy.

Located at 68 Main Street South, Georgetown, Ontario

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Medical Centre

Georgetown Pharmacy has a Medical Centre with a walk-in clinic located on site. The medical centre has doctors of various specialities to suit your needs. Register with the doctor by filling out this form.

Full Medication Reviews

Medication reviews allow you to sit down with a pharmacist one-on-one and go through your current and future medication needs.

Our pharmacists can answer any confusions you may have about your medications, talk to you about how each prescription works and affects you, and discuss whether you do need all of your prescriptions.

Addiction Services

We offer discreet and confidential options for Methadone treatment. Methadone is an opioid analgesic that is administered to those with heroin or other opioid addiction. The methadone dosage is adjusted over time to help eliminate or reduce opioid usage.

All services are covered by OHIP

Compounding Pharmacy

In pharmaceutical compounding, various ingredients are used to create prescriptions that may be required due to medical or personal reasons.

These may include the necessity to change a solid pill into liquid form for some patients, or changing the flavour, colour or texture of a drug.

Discreet Options

Our pharmacy offers discreet and confidential services to our patients. We take patient confidentiality very seriously and have put in place various services and processes to ensure patient records are secure.

We also offer private one-on-one review appointments in a separate room so that our patients can discuss their needs freely with us.

Blister or Dosette Packing

Blister packs have clear monthly or weekly labels on them with details about how to take your medication.

These help if you have trouble remembering to take your medication, if you wonder whether or not you’ve already taken a medication, or if you forget what is the best time to take your medication.

Online Prescription Refill

Georgetown Pharmacy offers our customers the option to request their prescription refills online.

Fill out the Prescription Refill form with your details and we will get in touch with you as soon as your prescription is ready to pick-up.

At our pharmacy, we understand that our customers are busy so we wanted to provide a quick and simple way to request your refills.

You can use the online form on your mobile, tablet or desktop devices to send us a request to save time. You can still give us a call or visit us in person to request your refill.


Georgetown Pharmacy is a full service pharmacy with a medical centre in the same location that provides medical and prescription services to our local community. The pharmacy is located on Mill Street close to Main Street in Georgetown, Ontario.

We offer all traditional services, such as dispensing of medications and advice, recommendations on over-the-counter (OTC) medications. Please take a look at our services to find out what our location offers and get in touch with us to know more.

For your convenience, we speak:
English, French, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi and Arabic.


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